Healthy Practices While Attending Kathakali Art Festival

Kathakali festival is a well-attended art event that attracts a varied audience across the globe. People come to watch traditional regalia and theatrical performances as a pass time or for their historical memories.

Now that many people are attending the event, physical health might be compromised. Therefore it’s essential to exercise caution to avoid stampede, fainting, dizziness, and disease outbreak.

With the Covid 19 global pandemic, it’s crucial to minimize crowd until the government allows such gatherings; even if the country reopens, Kathakali enthusiasts need to exercise caution to avoid the virus’s spread among attendees.

Here are some of the things you need to do to maintain your physical health while attending this interesting festival.

Stay hydrated


Now that it’s a long day’s event, dehydration is inevitable; you have no option but stay hydrated at all costs. In such places, the water vendors take advantage of the situation to sell water at an elevated price. Put your water bottle in a freezer on the eve of the festival day for surety of cold water throughout the festival.

It doesn’t matter the kind of water; as long as it has passed through the filter system and you are sure of its safety, you are good to go. With the budget considerations, you might not afford to purchase the bottled water you may need for the day.

You might not be sure of its sources for the common reasons– they are there to make profits and meet the market demand.

Release yourself early

While at the festival, you might not find space to go out and let waste out of your bladder. You end up holding yourself for too long, that comes with other health challenges like

  • Weakening the bladder muscles
  • Incontinence
  • Inability to fully empty the bladder
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Why do you have to go through all that when you have a solution? As part of your preparations, get to the lavatory before you get in the festival hall and do the necessary for the comfort and fun you need while attending the event.

Have your earplugs within reach

You might not have control of your position while at the function. What if you find yourself at the foot of the speaker? Can you withstand the loud music? You still need your ears healthy for its role.

In case you fall victim, put in your earplugs to minimize the loud noise instead of damaging your eardrums.

You still need them for hearing purposes.

Know the location of the emergency exit


What happens when you are under attack? Do you know your exit route? As a routine, ensure you know where the emergency door is located such that you can free yourself from the mess as early as possible.

Never get to a stampede when you see an escape route. Public health protocols need them to label the emergency doors, but you have to get your bearing once caught in a melee.

Lean against a wall to avoid stampede injury or death

It’s common not to reach the emergency door since everyone is fighting to get out in case of an emergency. Try and get yourself to a wall and lean on it as you allow the crowd to pass. The wall acts as your savior at that time; leaning on the wall gives you the required grip not to fall and become a victim of a stampede.

Stampede kills; if not, you might have permanent health challenges which you could easily avoid.

Eat your packed lunch or snack.

The eateries’ hygiene during this event may be compromised because of the high number of interested parties. To avoid some of the intestinal challenges, carry your packed lunch or a snack, which you are sure of its preparation.

If you have to take something at the festival, then go for packed snacks, which you are sure no one handles with their bare hands.The germs you get from such foods are detrimental to your health.

Have health stuff in your handbag

What do you carry in your handbag if not sanitizer, pepper spray, earplugs, mask, tissue, and water? The day you forget these essential items is the day you will need them. They help you to keep disease-causing organisms, dirt, and germs away. They come in handy to save you from an outbreak.

Practice layered dressing

Unless you are sure of the weather, to be safe, dress in layers for you have no time to get to the car and change based on the weather. When dressed warmly, yet the weather is also hot and humid, you might faint or feel dizzy. When you also dress in light clothes, yet the weather is cold and dry, you compromise your lungs. It’s easy to get a lung infection. Dress in layers, remove or add based on the prevailing weather conditions.

Never be the first to fill the festival venue.

If you can’t have a seat or stand at the front, you have no business squeezing with the crowd. What happens when you need to leave because of a call of nature, or you feel dizzy? In that case, never be in a hurry; let everyone get in and comfortably get out of the car to get a space at the end where you are sure of fresh air. You will see the participants now that the podium is always raided.

You need your physical health intact to attend more of the festivals year in year out; therefore, practice these healthy tips to enhance your comfort while at the festival and for your well being.