Best Places to Watch the Classical Dance Form Kathakali

Apart from exploring the colorful backwater of Alleppey, appreciating the captivating hill station of Munnar, and feeling the sands of Kovalam’s beautiful beaches, there’s an intrinsic reason why tourists set foot in the culturally endowed state of Kerala for a vacation.

The classical dance form, Kathakali, is an enticer of both locals and foreigners to Indian’s God’s Own Country. The gorgeous costumes and makeup, captivating storytelling style, mesmerizing instruments, and melodious songs by the performers of this art are rationales why kathakali centers have a huge number of guests.

You can witness this famous traditional art form in numerous places in the state. They include:

1. Folklore Museum

Of course, anyone would like to visit the same center Prince Charles watched the Kathakali show when he visited India. Folklore Museum, located in Kochi, is all shades of elegance, comfort, and history with numerous artworks of Kerala’s legacy and architecture in its care. Moreover, there’s also an enjoyable sight of Kerala’s collection of myth and history nestled on its walls to the delight of guests.  

The self-proclaimed Temple of Art thrives on the need to secure Kerala’s culture and archaeological pieces. Thanks to the couple, Mr. and Mrs. George Thaliath, Kerala and folklore museum boasts of 4000 valuable pieces from over two decades ago. What’s more – the cultural hub is the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee and even jewelry.

2. Kathakali Club

Yet again, the Gateway to Kerala, Kochi, hosts another fine Kathakali center. Kathakali club is an old cultural organization, which people with similar appetites for Kathakali brought into existence in 1959.

You can join 300 Kathakali aficionado, who are members of this club, to enjoy monthly presentations on various themes.

3. Kerala Kalamandalam

Want to watch the classical dance form for what it truly is? Kerala Kalamandalam wouldn’t disappoint. Mukunda Raja and Vallathol Narayana Menon paired up to start a society in 1927 to plead funds from the general public. This move saw the inauguration of Kerala Kalamanadalam towards the end of 1930.

The artistic institution has gone on to receive notable accolades and recognitions over the years. Moreover, it teaches Kathakali enthusiasts and other art forms lovers how to become a pro of the arts. 

4. Kerala Kathakali Center

Most Kathakali centres don’t just host the art form; they also double as a training ground for the art. Kerala Kathakali Centre is no exception. The center is at Fort Kochi, and it offers a strong introduction to Kathakali and other traditional dances and music.

Kerala Kathakali Center came into being in 1990 and has nurtured novel talents to become experts in the art. Kerala Kathakali Center holds three shows daily for a soul-stirring display of Kathakali.

5. Kadathanadan Kalari Center & Navarasa Kathakali

When next you travel to Thekkady, ensure you visit Kadathanadan Kalari Center and Navarasa Kathakali for kathakali performance and an hour show of the 3000-year-old Kalaripayattu martial arts.

Moreover, you can also acquire training in Kerala’s culture and traditional art forms if you buy a ticket. You don’t have to worry if you’re not an indigene; explanations are available in English for every gesture during the performances.

6. Margi Theatre

The main focus of this theatre in Thiruvananthapuram is the regeneration of Kathakali along with Kutiyattom, another well-known art form from Kerala. 

Margi hosts its arts at two different locations within Thiruvananthapuram; Valiyasala and near East Fort. They are Margi – Valiyasala and Margi – Fort. The latter is where Kathakali alone takes place.

This center was formed in 1970 and ever since has never stopped being an artistic hub. As an organization, they host various Kerala art forms across the globe, including; the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Japan. They do this to popularize, and promote the Kerala art forms all over the world.

7. Dr Devan’s Kathakali

A desire for wisdom and knowledge related to Kathakali dance form would lead you straight to Dr Devan’s Kathakali. You can watch this show between 6:45 pm – 8 pm for a relaxed evening as you find your way to Ernakulam Junction railway station. Dr Devan’s Kathakali is an old organizer of this show, indicating its excellence and appreciation.

8. Ernakulam Kathakali Club

At Ernakulam Kathakali, you’ll have a great view of the rich display of Kathakali. Once in a month, prominent Kerala actors perform the art all through the night. It’s simply where you’ll want to have a good night.

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